Getting started with Design sets

Design sets are complete designs, ready built templates to use for some specific niche. They come with everything you need, already responsive and all you need to do is to style them to your liking.

Legacy design sets

You’ll will few design sets which comes with some files too (you will find download link next to copy buttons). For example Woocommerce template comes with extra addon plugin and stylesheet file. You need to activate that addon plugin and copy the CSS code from that stylesheet and paste it to your global stylesheet in Oxygen editor.

New design sets

New design sets comes without extra files. For you to successfully import a new design set like Travel template follow these steps:

  1. Copy licence key of your desired verson via copy button
  2. Go to Oxygen settings -> Library -> and paste that licence key over there
  3. Go to Oxygen templates -> Create a new one, lets call it “Main” for example
  4. Make sure that this template has enabled option “Catch all” in the Other tab.
  5. Now open it with Oxygen editor and go to Add -> Library -> Select our design set
  6. Go to Templates and import Header Footer template (usually with that name)
  7. After you finish your import you’ll find a code block with CSS code.
  8. You need to create a global stylesheet in Oxygen editor. Stylesheet -> Add stylesheet
  9. Now paste CSS code from code block to newly created stylesheet.
  10. Delete the code block, if there isn’t anything else, if there is some JS script or HTML code, leave it.
  11. Save your template. Now your Header and footer template is ready.
  12. Go back to WP Dashboard and go to Pages. Create a new page and open with Oxygen editor.
  13. Go to Add -> Library -> Select our design set
  14. Add desired page.
  15. Repeat the same for other pages.
13 October 2022
Tony Nguyen

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