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Bricks builder has never enough design elements or tutorials. Find yourself a suitable piece for your web project.
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We are using our own CSS Framework to make sure that our Elements and Design sets are consistent and easy to manage.

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We use 100% Bricks elements only to create all our beautiful and modern blocks. Discover all possibilities of Bricks with us and take your project to next level.

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Members of WPExplorers have the access to all the elements and design sets 24/7. You can copy them anywhere and anytime.
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Latest design elements

You should start to clean up your calendar - with our carefully made design elements you’ll have a lot of new time on your hands.
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Latest tutorials

WPExplorers lets you borrow our experience with plenty of free and premium tutorials for Bricks.

Web design has never been more easier.

Take a seat and say to hell with it! - let The Explorers butt in and turn WordPress on its head. Partner with The Explorers now and you’ll gain access to a wide array of tutorials and design sets meticulously crafted for your needs. Whether you’re just beginning your web design journey or you’re a digital agency’s hardest working employee, WPExplorers are dead set on optimizing your workflow, sparing your valuable time, and giving you the chance to kick it back and be a badass.
Only you can take charge of your career. We won’t assume control of your projects. Our purpose is to listen to you, offer our best advice, catch any mistakes, and let you embrace our inner badass side.
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