Getting started with Design elements

There are two ways how to copy and paste our Design elements to your website.

You can copy them on our website and paste it via Import function or you can import them directly via Oxygen Design sets library.

Let’s have a look into those two options.

Copy Paste via Oxygen import function

This function was introduced in Oxygen 4.1 so you need at least that version to be able to import our elements.

On each elements page you will find a button to copy JSON code. Paste this code in Oxygen editor via Import function under Structure bar:

oxy4.1 import

You can also copy design element from the archive page:


Import via Design set library

You can these licence keys in your Account -> Resources -> Oxygen. The setup is very simple, copy licence key. Then go to your website, to Oxygen Settings.

Go to Library and make sure you have enabled “Enable 3rd Party Design Sets”. Then just click on Add Design Set and paste your licence key there. Save everything and go to Oxygen editor.

Now, if you click on “Add” and select Library, you’ll find our design elements library there.


Our Elements were built with our WPFramework to make them consistent and easy to manage. Make sure to check the Framework page to download a version you need.

13 October 2022
Tony Nguyen

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