How to use Design sets

Our Design sets usually offer two options how to use them in your project. First option is copy JSON code and paste it directly into Bricks editor. Second option is to use Bricks Remote templates function.

Copy/Paste JSON

Each Design set will come as a whole pack but will be also divided into separate elements so you can copy/paste them individually. You can find those elements here. On each Elements detail page is a copy button:



by clicking on that, JSON code will be copied. Now go to Bricks editor and paste it with CTRL (CMD) + V or use right-click -> Paste.

Remote template

Bricks offers us an option to use 3rd party Remote template. All you need is target website URL and if it is password protected (in our case, yes), you will need that too. Go to Design set detail page and copy URL and password:

design set remote

then go to your Bricks > Settings > Templates > Remote templates and paste Source URL to Remote templates URL field and password to Remote Templates Password field:

bricks remote

Now you will be able to find the remote templates in your editor.

Video tutorial:


09 November 2022
Tony Nguyen

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